“I’ll never forget how kind they were to me that last time I took my old dog there. I could not bring myself to go back when she had to be put down and they are still kind in my returning visits. I recently went there for my cat’s eyes and they explained everything to me. It’s honestly a better experience than going to human doctors.”

Debbie M.

“I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed these guys sooner. If you are looking for a solid team who will always have the best interest of your pet in mind, this the place. The level of empathy these staff have is remarkable. The environment there is awesome, no matter what circumstance you find yourself needing vet attention for. The exams are thorough, and you don’t feel like they are just trying to rush through another appointment. I couldn’t imagine taking my dogs anywhere else. HIGHLY recommend”

Leah M.

“I thought the staff was so kind, welcoming, and patient. They answered all of my questions and didn’t rush through his appointment. I don’t believe there was anything that could have done that would have made the experience any better. Kip wasn’t scared and I was very pleased. Very professional and courteous!”

Kelly S.

“Our dog Annie was taken in for cancer surgery and a dental procedure. Everything went as well as we could have wished for. The office followed up with calls and emails, to insure that she was doing well and to give us an opportunity to ask any questions we may have had. We feel that Annie had compassionate and expert care.Thank you!”

Susan M.

“Love these guys. Doctors Kolber and Smith are excellent and succeeded where other vets have failed. CVTs are friendly and skilled too. Friendly office staff, clean facility. Prices are more than reasonable, far less expensive than vets in town, and well worth the drive. Our pets, on the other hand, seem to believe that the entrance is a portal to the shadow realm occupied by Beelzebub himself. In fairness, they get shanked and/or injected every time we go (even if it is for their own good), so I can’t fault them. Recommended!”

Michael K.

“The staff at Milford Animal Clinic has been wonderful to work with. They provided TLC to my very sick dog a few years ago, and were very caring to us. For routine appointments, the staff is always efficient, caring, and knowledgeable. Their love for animals is evident. They answer questions and provide explanations in a very professional manner. I enjoy my interactions with the clinic staff.”

Elisa M.

“Awesome staff…it’s clear they love animals. Price is fair and they give appropriate advice. Reminders sent for needed pet medical care.”

Nathan M.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Kolberg and Ryan! They both were so kind and gentle to my 25 yr old mare. We appreciated the time and thoughtful words. Being human and truely caring about the animals and their owner, that’s what makes you so great!”

Sarah L.

“I have had 4 of my cats into Milford Animal Clinic and they have all received top notch care. The vets are absolutely great with my cats. Any procedures I’ve had done on them were done accurately, professionally and with great care. My cat Duncan had dental work done there and he is eating like crazy now, his recovery time was amazingly quick. I highly recommend them!!”

Wendy H.

The most caring animal clinic we have been to! They truly care for each animal that comes through their doors, their love of the job shows! Keep it up!

Randy G.