Small Animal Care
The small animal portion of our business routinely cares for cats and dogs, but our veterinarians have treated poultry, guinea pigs, rabbits, and pot-bellied pigs. Please call to ask if appointments for these other animal types are available. Our receptionists can also direct you to other clinics the area that work with exotic and pocket pets.


We recommend that animals receive vaccinations based on the amount of risk to which an animal will be exposed. For example, a dog that is never boarded or taken to the groomer may not need vaccinated for bordetella (kennel cough) or canine influenza. Your lifestyle also plays an important role on what your pet is protected from. If your dog travels out of the area or is active outside, please ask about Lyme vaccination. Knowledgeable staff try to educate clients upon the type of coverage necessary for their individual animals and the importance of administering booster vaccines to naïve animals. If you want more information, please contact our office to discuss starting a vaccine program today.