Rose Pamer Mishler | Office Manager
Rose has been with the Milford Animal Clinic since 2004 and growing up in Milford has always given her the hometown feel. That is why she enjoys working with her close-knit work family here at the Milford Animal Clinic, and she loves to make the clients feel the same way. Her line is Nice Town, Nice People and Home of the Nice Girl from Milford.

Susan Smith | Receptionist
Susan is the oldest living employee at the Milford Animal Clinic. She lives on a 125 acre farm in Whitley County, where she has Registered Quarter Horses and feeder cattle. Susan shows on the buckskin circuit and at quarter horse shows.

Karen Dausman | Receptionist
Karen has worked as an assistant and receptionist at Milford Animal Clinic since 2001. She and her husband, Dennis live south of Leesburg on a 14-acre mini-farm, where they raise Nubian and Boer goats. They also have a miniature horse and a donkey, two Great Pyrenees, five cats, and five Shih Tzus. Karen and Dennis have two grown daughters, Cindy and Lisa. They also have two Grandsons and two Great Grandsons. Karen likes to be outdoors enjoying nature and the animals in her spare time.

Quinn Allen | Receptionist
Quinn joined the MAC family in August 2018. She enjoys helping clients with their pets’ needs. Quinn graduated from International Business College of Ft. Wayne in 2008, with an Accounting degree. She lives on her farm in Pierceton, IN. She has a menagerie of animals: three house dogs, two Sphynx cats, two camels, a mini cow, five mini horses, two fainting goats, three livestock guardian dogs, and a bunch of barn cats. The Allen family has raised Appaloosa horses since 1988–Quinn is continuing that legacy. Also, she raises KuneKune pigs. In Quinn’s spare time, she reads or knits.

Valerie Geiser | Receptionist
Valerie joined the MAC family in November 2018. While she has only been at Milford for a few years, she has over 25 years of previous experience working in small animal practice. She puts as much care into the client’s pet as she does her own, which consists of a three-legged rescue dog named Ivy and three cats named Finn, Peaches, and Kitten. Valerie has been married to her husband Rodney for almost 29 years and together they have raised two children, Caleb and Lindsey, who have both graduated from college and now are pursuing careers of their own. In her spare time, Valerie enjoys spending time outdoors, going on walks with her dog, doing yard work with her husband, and working on a number of different crafts.