Large Animal Care
Our clinic routinely provides medical care for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, alpacas, llamas, and whitetail deer. We offer ambulatory services within a 20-mile radius as well as the option to haul animals into our facility for procedures. The clinic is equipped to work cattle through a chute system, contains stocks for equine restraint, has stalls for surgical procedures and recovery, and has the equipment to perform specialized services such as floating teeth and laparoscopic artificial insemination.

Large Animal Surgery

Many large animal surgical procedures are performed on the farm. Some surgical procedures can also be completed at the clinic. Surgeries include but are not limited to: castration of horses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, and goats; routine cattle and goat dehorning; cosmetic cattle dehorning, hernia repair, laceration repair, caesarean sections, and enucleation.

Unlike small animal surgeries, most livestock are sent home within 30 minutes of a procedure being performed. Clients are educated regarding the at-home care and attention that will be required for successful healing. Please call the clinic for availability and the preferred location of the surgical procedure.