Veterinary Appointments

Our first scheduled appointments start at 8:00am Monday through Saturday. We do not see small animal appointments from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm, so that our staff can eat lunch and treat drop-off appointments. We close at 12:00 noon on Saturday. Currently, routine Saturday appointments have been limited to allow space for sick patients and emergencies.

Due to heavy work flow, we are not taking any new small animal clients unless you reside in Milford. Also, we are only scheduling large animal farm calls within a 20-mile radius of our clinic.

Scheduled appointments are required. Plan ahead for your pet’s wellness visit and book your appointment 6-8 weeks in advance if possible. We encourage you to call ahead if your pet is sick or in an emergency situation so the veterinarians and staff can assess your pet’s needs and make accommodations. We may be in surgery or seeing previously scheduled patients and your wait could be longer than you anticipate.

Hours of operation have been arranged to make it as convenient as possible for you to bring your pet in for routine and preventative check-ups. We try to schedule appointments so there is plenty of time for examinations and your questions. Sometimes emergencies can put us behind, so we hope you will understand should an emergency interrupt or delay your appointment.

We are very aware that today, more than ever, people have busy schedules. For that reason, we invite you to speak with one of our receptionists about a drop off appointment for your pet. Drop offs can be arranged throughout the week as early as 7:30am and pickups can be as late as 5:00pm, unless otherwise arranged with our staff. Drop-offs may also be suggested for animals that need quicker medical attention. Do not plan to pick up your pet unless you have talked to our staff about your pet’s situation. A day hospitalization may be charged.

Scheduled small animal surgeries are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Find more information about surgeries under the Services tab.

New Cancellation Policy Starting January 1, 2024

Since 2020, a demand for our services has increased and scheduling backlogs have occurred due to short staffing. At the same time, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of scheduled appointments that are neither cancelled nor kept—simply not shown up for. We have a wait list of pets needing timely care that we would like to utilize these empty time slots for rather than letting them go to waste. Starting January 1, 2024, a pre-pay exam charge will be implemented to secure your spot on our schedule if you have had 2 or more no-show appointments. We are hoping this will cut down on the number of appointments forgotten.

When you call for an appointment, we will verify information about you and your pet(s). We will ask for a credit or debit card number and your authorization to charge it for one pre-pay exam charge per pet. The charge is the cost of one exam per pet and will be applied to your balance at the end of your visit (an advanced payment for your pet’s exam).

If you need to reschedule—you must let us know during normal business hours at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time. Your pre-pay exam charge will remain as a credit on your account.

If you choose to cancel—you must let us know during normal business hours at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time and your pre-pay exam charge will be refunded to your card.

If you cancel without sufficient notice as defined above or fail to show up for your scheduled appointment time, the advanced payment (pre-pay exam charge) is forfeited and will not be refunded.

Veterinary Hospital

For the safety and well-being of our patients, we require that all pets are kept on a leash or physically restrained while in the waiting area. We recommend a cat carrier for our feline friends. All pets admitted to the hospital should be current on their vaccinations.

If you have a dog that doesn’t play well with others, please come inside and talk with our reception staff prior to bringing your dog into the clinic, so that we can have a room ready for you to bring the dog into.

For the health of other patients, we ask clients with a pet who is very ill and may be contagious to other pets to let the front staff know that you are waiting in the car or parking lot. You can either call from your cell phone or tap on the front window and our staff will be out to assist you shortly.


We make every effort and are proud to deliver the best veterinary care possible. We accept cash, personal checks, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Care Credit, and money orders. Payment is expected at the time of service. We also do not have a pin machine to run debit cards, but have found that they generally run as credit.